Carving runes on the inner sky of an empyeran, trying to make meaning and hoping that those from without understand as well.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Hagure Tomato

Nothing like a lost (stray?) tomato to spice up your FFXII experience. @_@

I don't play many video games. I usually get home at the end of the day, cook some and clean some, enjoy being with my wife and go to bed. On the weekends, I'm either working on the house, hanging out with my friends, or roleplaying. I might play more if I had a handheld or two. I used to play quite a bit, however, when I was single. The Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Playstation were my consoles of choice; computer games never appealed to me (other than King's Quest V and VI, for some reason). I pretty much came to a stop after the release of Metal Gear Solid, as the time and skill requirements to play games I'd enjoy rose to levels where I couldn't justify the time expenditure to myself. Much of my roleplaying design ideas usually center around my videogaming experiences. Most notably, Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver and Final Fantasy are the center of my creative thoughts, with a nod to Symphony of the Night every so often.

Well, back to work. Be on the lookout for tomatoes.


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