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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I found a whole bunch of good icons at The Lost Worlds from Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver.

I'm currently intrigued by Five Suit Card Decks. Stardeck has my eye, but Empire and its Six Suited ways disgust me.

So, what can I think of off the top of my head with five suits? Well, five elements, obviously (both the kind with Air and with Metal). So let's modify that:

Suit - Element, First Impressions, Personal Relationships, Element Rich Areas, Emissions

  • Hearts - Blood, Pity, Love, Waterfalls, Steam
  • Clubs - Blaze, Antipathy, Lust, Hearth, Embers
  • Spades - Spirit, Awe, Wanderlust, Cliffs, Gusts
  • Diamonds - Crystal, Jealousy, Dependence, Caves, Sparks
  • Stars - Steel, Neutrality, Self-reliance, Heavens, Luminescence

I'm impressed. That took about an hour and I like the results.


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