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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Steam(punk)ed Kabbalah is delicious

Steampunk (and Kabbalah) are the two keywords that really get me going for a game, but to be honest I know little of each. I tend to like the fluffy parts of both of them. The tech in steampunk and the magic in kabbalah are what I really want. I intend to research them both more and make a neat proposition for a fusion game of them. So, we've got a kabbalah link from Joshua (thanks!), and I found this a while back on steampunk. So I wikipedia-ed steampunk, too, and am on a course. Again, as I've posted before, my biggest influences have always been Final Fantasy and Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver. Steampunk and soul magic and stuff like that.

I want:
  • Kingdoms: with wars, upset citizens, rebel movements, and weird lines/methods of royal ascension,
  • Magic: a cruel nature goddess and an oblivious time god (dualistic theology), crystals and runes/glyphs, souls as power and otherworld currency, time as a framework for all magic,
  • Tech: guns (I love big guns with funky stuff that you aren't sure if they work consistently), steamy mechs, metallic objects align to a person's soul or racial features, big honkin' airships, limited time travel,
  • Races: nothing named (elfs, dwarves, etc.), supernatural and mundane features, all starting with a base human, and acquirable in-game,
  • Classes: rich, poor, and a whole hierarchy of what roles are more important than others (mimicking the Japanese samurai, merchant, peasant style), and
  • Themes: age-old strife (is it worth fighting my father's war?), special times create special effects (night-time strengthens certain souls, anniversaries of major events hold special power - what about humanity marks time?), extreme emotions can create effects or summon creatures (what is this worth to you?), racism (why is it so pervasive? [everyone will be required to take a racism of some sort])



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