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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fantasy Finale: Resurrection of Zarcathika

The world was in chaos. Legendary warriors joined together to fulfill their destiny and end the rise of Zarcathika, and its desire to see the world in flames and all living beings slain. They saved the world,and came to rule it. Generations have passed, and their direct descendants are again sought to save the world. Zarcathika is rising again.

This is a fantasy version of Renaissance Europe: a steampunk-ish technology exists, ethnicities and borders will basically be as they are today. There is England, Mediterranean Europe, East Asia and Egypt. Everything else is considered hinterlands, and is ruled by beasts and monsters. As a direct descendant of one of the original vanquishers of Zarcathika, you will be the next in line for the throne of your respective nation

English Leoline Elf - As prince(ss) and heir to the British kingdom, you have a lot on your shoulders. Honor and bravery are key. You wield the legendary Dragonneblade.

Russian Ursine Dwarf - Russia needs a leader to bring together the scattered states, but you don't think you're him (her). Gruff, grim, and ice cold; you thinly disguise your lust for wealth. You wield the adamantine Hammer of All Souls.

Turkish Leporine Yeti - Leader of the Dervish Dragoons, you have always felt as ease in the leadership role you have assumed, and you have the respect of your people due to your quiet nature. Excitement and danger is one of the few motivations you have left. You wield tall and mighty Gugnir.

French Vulpine TaruTaru - You deadly dance is viewedworldwide as the penultimate expression of your people's agility andart. Only your ancestor can be spoken of in higher regard. You wield the ever-slithering Scorpion's Strike.

Transylvanian Vampyre - You seek to finally rid your people of their dread curse. Vampirism plagued your nation during the last uprising, and most if not all of the next generation had some taint left in their blood. Vampirism is rising again, and it is the first sign of the return of Zarcathika. You wield the epic Gripsoul.

German Lupine Machinathrope - Your people were here before any of the other races were, but went dormant for an unknown reason. You were revived before Zarcathika's arrival, and helped defend the world from its apocalyptic attacks. You recently received the imprint of your ancestor's soul, and have taken the role of leader since its death. You don the benevolent sentient shield, Mighty Guard, as a breastplate, and interpose between innoncents and danger.

Spanish Feline Mithra - Your lands saw an infusion of a tribal people from the hinterlands during the last battle with Zarcathika. They infused their martial arts with the monastic tradition and culture already there. You wield no weapon, for you ARE the weapon.

Atlantean Musteline Ghost - Your people died a long time ago, but found themselves unable to immediately pass on to the other life. Your sunken continent contains an artifact that controls the rate at which souls pass on, and until your time is up, you remain in this world. Your ancestor passed on after the fight against Zarcathika, and you lead your people, as much as they can be led. You wield the mind-piercing Dreamstriker.

Egyptian Serpentine Naga - Your people have a rich and ancient history of which you are fully aware. You could rule as a thearch, if you so choose. You possess the true spirit of the land and your gods in your person, and it guides you day in and day out. As for ruling, right now, you have a wandering spirit; that, and responsibility would restrict you from flying your airship and gambling. You wield a magnificent Deck of the Avatars.

Polar Ursine Moon Moogle - Your people fortell all prophecies, whether for weal or woe. They guide the sentient races, and watch out for the eventual return of beings far more powerful and malicious as Zarcathika. You enjoy living on the planet more than you do back home. Luckily for you, as an oracle, you must travel the planet to fulfill your destiny. You wield Destiny's Tear, a gun of unknown origins.


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