Carving runes on the inner sky of an empyeran, trying to make meaning and hoping that those from without understand as well.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Runic Empyrean

What once was, is no more. Somehow, the constellations descended and the stars impacted.

We haven't been right since.

Runic Empyrean

The world of RE exists as a weird, phantasmagorial warped-mirror image of our world which left time and space and floats in an absolute aether some time ago. People still live, their creations warped, their homes crumbling. The night sky is a naked shawl, and daytime is but a dim illumination of that shawl. The last generation of mankind wonders if it is in Hell, and, if not, will things ever return to normal. This generation is split, the adults are adjusting, but worried about their Children; these that are born after the "Meta Morphosis" see things differently, and act weirdly, mimicking the world around them.

Characters would be one of the Fated, a possessor of a Runic Empyrean, and is tasked by it to seek out the rest of its constellation, and return it to the night sky. Should all Fated finish their task, it is whispered, the world would emerge again into time and space, completing the journey and fixing what once went wrong. Runic Empyreans, when not possessed by their Fated, urge others to use them in creations as weird as the world. Characters would be presented with challenges and decisions on when to destroy creations and free these mystical spheres or leave them alone and allow a town or family to prosper, for now. They would also face these problems with Fated who want to twist them for their own gain, or do not wish to return the constellations to the sky. Finally, the players could decide that finding an equilibrium between adding constellations and leaving well enough alone to be the best decision, and keep Mankind on this path forever.


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