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Friday, December 30, 2005

Ghost Killers

Check out Andy K.'s Ghost Killers before he starts publishing it. It's gonna rock!

I'll be posting more later as I give my thoughts. It reminds me of my group's Dark*Matter game, and has some interesting corollaries to my game in the works. More on that later, too.

Ghost Killers:

Characters are A-Team meets Ghostbusters meets Hellraiser. The first thing you define is a Trigger Event that is 1-3 sentence(s) long (pay attention, this rule comes up more than once). This event basically describes why you're involved with wicky supernatural shit instead of living in ignorant bliss (btw, the supernatural is all Conspiracy with a capital 'C', just the way I like it). Then you get three 'levels' of different 'roles'. This is like D&D levels, and they stack they way they do D&D does it now, but you're capped at three levels total. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens when you're not continually wondering what level to take next to be more effective. Then comes Arenas, Items, and Karmic Ties (which all work pretty closely to way Aspects do in Fate 2.0). All of this is really cool shit, and stuff that I've wanted in a game like this for a long time. Finally, there's a section titled, get this!, What the Fuck Just Happened? which is kind of like the Trigger Event, but is a Kicker instead of a Character Descriptive.

So far, one of the best parts of this game is the flow in which it's written. Andy's vernacular matches my internal monologue and pacing, and it's like talking to one's self, if one was going to talk to one's self about being badass and kicking supernatural shit (which is what White Wolf should have been based off of how we played it, us .... LARPers >_<).


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