Carving runes on the inner sky of an empyeran, trying to make meaning and hoping that those from without understand as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Risus, pronounced like 'ElectrophoRISUS'

And boy did it suck on my DNA through my fleshy grid. Anyone that got all that is my kinda geek. Anywho, I was El-Fire-Bow on a one shot my friend ran of the game Risus. Below was his sexy advert:

United Nations Superheroes - Taskforce: Topeka

Statue of Joseph Stalin Man - Crapped on by radioactive pigeons for years, this statue of Joseph Stalin came to life and can now switch between being a regular guy who looks just like (but has a personality very different from) Joseph Stalin and being a stone statue of Joseph Stalin who can't move at all.

Cornucopia - This rotund Greek woman carries with her the Horn of Plenty. She can instantly produce any food she wants from it, which is murder on her diet. But she stands ever ready to give evildoers a mouthful of yummy JUSTICE!

El-Fire-Bow - This young Cuban man was born with everburning elbows. He has real talent as a baseball pitcher ("He can bring the HEAT!") but was banned from the Major Leagues because his fiery elbows kept setting the uniforms on fire. He mainly sticks to sleeveless t-shirts now.

Fugu - This Japanese man was bitten by a radioactive pufferfish and now has amazing powers of puffing himself up to very large size. Fun at beach parties. Not so fun when trying to fight crime in an elevator or phone booth.

The Cobbler - Born of a wealthy German family, he is a frustrated inventor who can never seem to sell any of his inventions. He's venting his frustration by fighting crime using his "Incredishoes" that are clownishly large but should be taken (somewhat) seriously.

Rapunzel - Her hair grows really fast, at will. Whether she's whipping you with it or tying you up with it, well, it's all pretty kinky.


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