Carving runes on the inner sky of an empyeran, trying to make meaning and hoping that those from without understand as well.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Shift Gears, Blow Steam

So, I've been thinking. Colin has been rocking my game concept pretty hard and doing a really good job at it. Maybe I should take a step back and not tie myself to console gaming so much and go a different direction. I've done some research today while in a class that didn't require too much attention. Take a look at these resources I want to explore or keep in mind:

Comic Books

  • Five Fists of Science
  • Ironwolf (and Ironwolf in Weird Worlds back issues)
  • Robotika

Video Games

  • The Longest Journey/Dreamfall
  • Final Fantasy series
  • Legacy of Kain series

Board Games

  • Mission: Red Planet


  • Anubis Gates
  • Difference Engine


  • Vidocq

Key themes I'm still thinking of exploring:

Sacrifice - What will you sacrifice as you make choices? No choice should be examined closely without some level of sacrifice on the player's or character's part.

War - Before, after, during. Why do we wage war? How does it affect us? How many generations of peace does it take to lose a war mentality, or can it even be lost?

Relationship with God - I've laughed at things like this ever since I learned in science that you have to divorce yourself from it for true discussions. Is this true? What power faith? Can the dissonance of faith and science be reconciled?

Power - What it is it like to hold power over someone? Why is being powerless such a frightening thing?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

There are XIII million other things I should be doing right now.

I have lots of stuff to talk about, but am so stupid busy with my last classes this semester that I can't really take a break. But da~mn, XIII³ !~

Monday, May 01, 2006

Finally got the Christopher Walken Ending

A friend and it finally got the Christopher Walken Ending to Pirate Baby. I recorded it for your pleasure.