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Monday, June 05, 2006


I got to watch Wizardry (recently subtitled by Ureshii) this weekend. It made me feel as old as a wizard by the time I was done. It had this horrible need to try to explain why this dungeon was there and all that (which may just be the fault of the original game). It had this neat thing about competing parties. It explained the spells (which was necessary, which the anime expected you to know).

I thought I liked old school sword and spell anime like Lodoss and Bastard! I think I just like sword and spell, and some of the anime are cool and some just suck balls.

So uhm yeah this gets 1 out of 5 somethings. It does have all the D&D staples and it really sucks. And not just because it's 15 years old. I liked the animation.


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